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Comercial Nova Technologies Limitada (Novatech)

Novatech was founded in the year 2003 as a response to some of the challenges detected by its founders in tha Chilean salmon industry. Later Novatech has widened its product lines to many other industries with product lines for warer treatment and coastal protection systems.

Novatech is committed in searching solutions that have at least three characteristics:

  • They must be innovative and technologically advanced.

  • They must provide its users significant savings in investment as in operations.
  • They must be friendly with the environment, providing improvements over the best practices already known.

Novatech operates from Chile in different countries in the world depending on its product lines.

In year 2008 nearly 50% of Novatech’s income was due to exports
Novatech has administrative offices in Santiago and productions plants in Puerto Montt.

Novatech invites you to contact us and work together to find a solution for your needs.

Pio X 2460, of 409, Providencia, Santiago, Chile